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2017-18 Parents Guide to Admissions


SONY DSCOur school is a local community school and priority is given to children who live in our area. Some parents from outside our area choose our school because they feel it best suits the needs of their child. If this is you, then please contact the school office about the procedures for admitting your child. You can register your child at this school at any time by completing one of our admission forms. Please provide sight of your child’s birth certificate when returning the form to school. We will then send you a letter the September before your child is due to start school explaining how to apply for a place. A letter confirming your child’s place will be issued during April.

Children first start school in the September after their 4th birthday. The first year in school is a very special time and we try to make sure that there are lots of opportunities for you to meet with staff to discuss progress.

If your child has an Individual Education, Health and Care Plan (formerly a Statement of Special Educational Needs), please contact the Special Educational Needs Team who will be able to help you with your child’s continued education and advise of the next steps.

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  1. Mr Smith says

    January 28, 2014 at 12:00 pm

    Thank you for the positive feedback. Much appreciated.

  2. Roy says

    January 28, 2014 at 9:01 am

    I am not a frequent visitor of the school website, and that lack of familiarisation always made it difficult for me to find the information I was looking for, which in turn led to some frustration. What a lovely surprise when I logged onto the website today and found navigating to the information I sought so straight forward and intuative. I found all the detail I sought, plus some useful additions, in no time at all. The transformation has encouraged me to be a more frequent visitor of this website. From this point on it will probably my number one source for information I seek about the school. Thank you