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Year 2

Events - 31719Welcome to Year 2. There are 2 classes in our base.

We learn through a creative, topic based approach and adopt the philosophy of stage not age. Topics include, ‘The

Twits’ and ‘A Bug’s Life’.

Children join Year 2 after spending two years in our Early Years phase. We continue preparing our children for a more formal education as they progress through school.

There is a more formal approach to Literacy and Numeracy whilst still having opportunities to choose and to learn through play.

During Year 2, children visit ‘Streetwise’ and perform a production to their families in the Spring term. Key Stage 1 statutory assessments are also taken during Year 2.

Yr 2 – Why would a wild animal not make a good pet – Autumn 1 2018

Year 2 – What would Dora the Explorer find exciting about our town – Summer 2 2018

Year 2 – What were the people like who lived in our town 100 years ago – Spring 2 2018

Year 2 – Why did the Titanic sink – Spring Term 1 2018

Year 2 – Why would a dinosaur not make a good pet – Autumn 1 2017

Long Term Curriculum Plan 2017-18 – Year 2


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