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Phonics and Reading

SONY DSCFerndown First School follows the Letters and Sounds phonics programme. Discrete daily phonics is taught within Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. Regular teaching time is allocated to the teaching of reading. Supported and Guided Reading takes place daily and time is spent on reading each day across the school.  Regular class story times are used to develop a love of reading.

At Ferndown First school we organise our reading books by colour bands in line with a nationally recognised colour scheme, with a few amendments from ourselves. To help us do this we have referred to ‘Book Bands for Guided Reading’ produced by the Institute of Education University London. Book banding looks at every book individually for length of sentences and difficulty of words and puts books from different publishers into colour bands. This does mean that within one colour band there may be books from stages 7, 8 and even 9 of the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme.

We have put a coloured sticker in the top right corner of every book to identify what colour band the book falls into and it is this colour that should be referred to, rather than the stage suggested on the back of the book. Please refer to the colour chart below for further guidance.

Within each colour band, especially for our younger readers, there will be a variety of phonic decodable books, patterned stories and character stories. We also have included information books within each colour band.

Our home reading books included books from Oxford Reading Tree, Big Cat Collins, Bug Club, Dandelion Readers, Songbirds and Fireflies.

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