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Monster Music and Joyful Jigsaw

This week Emerald and Amethyst class have been practising some exciting Viking Saga songs, such as ‘Loki the Joker’ and ‘Goblins a Go-Go’. The children have really enjoyed singing and performing the actions to the songs. The words to the song can be found on the BBC website if you wish to sing at home!

We have also started our Year 3 Jigsaw. This week the children described their dream schools and talked about how they feel about Year 3. They said they were feeling ‘happy’, ‘positive’, ‘above spirits’ and ‘fabulous’ about going into Year 3. Most children also added that their favourite part of Year 3 so far has been going swimming. We all agree that going swimming was a fantastic afternoon and we look forward to next week’s lesson!

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