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Enough is Enough!

There was a real problem at the end of school today, caused by a number of inconsiderate drivers who parked in the staff car park, double parked, blocked pathways, mounted kerbs and obstructed the cross hatch which is our emergency exit route.

This conduct, in our car park,  is completely unacceptable and shows a complete lack of regard for the safety of our children at Ferndown First School. There is no excuse. If the spaces are taken and the car park is full you must leave the premises and find an alternative place to park.

Staff and many parents witnessed the ensuing chaos, which was brought about by drivers who obviously could not find a space and chose to park anywhere they liked. This can’t carry on. Enough is enough.

Until now, we have allowed parents to park on our premises but there is no requirement that we continue to do so. Following today’s incident, Governors will now have to consider all available options, which includes closing our car park to parents, just as many schools locally have had to do. If drivers refuse to co-operate, they leave us with little choice. The children’s safety will come first.








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