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Light It Up!

After a busy few weeks of designing and making out light up Christmas cards, we are now complete! We spent today adding a circuit to our design. We used tin foil as wires and attached LEDs to this. Our switch was made out of split pins with the battery pack attached to the back. We will be bringing them home tomorrow.

All of the cards lit up at school when we tested them today. If they don’t work at home, make sure that all wires are touching and that the black and red wires of the battery pack are still on the correct sides (red on the positive, long side). The wires of the LEDs may also need pushing into the foil. Remember to add 2 AA batteries to your pack!

All of the staff in Pearl class hope you all have a very ‘Merry Christmas’ and a ‘Happy New Year.’ Thank you very much for our Christmas cards and for working your hardest in the Autumn term. Have a restful holiday.


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