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Plastic Free Ocean – We Need Your Help!

This term the Eco Champions are trying to help reduce the amount of plastic in the World’s Oceans!

We are going to do a survey to find out home many fruit and vegetables are wrapped up in plastic in our local supermarkets. We will then share this with the supermarkets to encourage them to have plastic free aisles.

If you would like to see plastic free supermarkets then you can sign the Green Peace petition by clicking on this link:


We are going to start to collect bottle lids and take these to a Lush shop as they will use these to make their recycled black pots.  Please bring in any plastic lids to school to help us. But please make sure they are clean!

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  1. Janine Pulford says

    May 18, 2018 at 10:02 am

    This is an excellent project and we would love you to get involved with Plastic Free Ferndown. We will be in touch shortly, but our Facebook link is so perhaps you could encourage your teachers and parents to join us. Keep up the good work everyone.

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