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Remarking Our Playground

During the Easter Holiday our playground was fully resurfaced and School Council were given the challenge of talking to their classes and deciding how they would like our playground to be remarked.
During Voice Time, classes looked at different websites and found games that they would like. School Council then took Mrs Di Pede on a tour of our playground, telling her where they thought the best place would be for their classes six favourite designs.
Mrs Di Pede was impressed with everyone`s thoughtfulness in their choices so she emailed Sportshall Markings and asked them to come into school to hear our ideas.
Members of School Council met with Mrs Di Pede and Darren from Sportshall Markings. He listened to our ideas and showed us photos of how some designs could look like on our playground. He went away with our “wish list” and emailed Mrs Di Pede the following day with a quote.
Last Friday, School Council met with Mrs Di Pede to look at Darren`s quote. Everyone was excited and felt the quote was very fair. One member asked Mrs Di Pede if she was happy with the quote and if we could accept it. Happily Mrs Di Pede agreed with School Council. Thank you Mrs Di Pede.
Sportshall Markings are hoping to remark our playground during the summer holiday so we will have a new and exciting playground to look forward to in September.
Well Done School Council and Thank You to everyone who worked hard organising this project.



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