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To catch a thief….

Today in Year 4, we had a major problem! Both Miss Lovegrove and Mr Wilcox came in this morning to find that their iPads had gone missing! Children in Year 4 have spent the day designing an alarm system to catch our thief. We would love to show you our hard work, but as you now know, our iPads have gone so we were unable to take any photos!

At first, we created our circuits with an alarm, but realised that they would be constantly turned on making a noise throughout the day. We then realised that we would need some sort of connection, so we added a switch, but we soon realised that a burglar wouldn’t turn a switch on. So how could we create a working alarm that would catch our criminal?

We realised that if we could create a pressure pad where a conductor (a material that allows electricity to flow through it) could complete the circuit, then the alarm would sound. We remembered from our learning the day before that aluminium foil was a great conductor, so we used that.

Mr Wilcox has prepared the doors, and our alarms are set. Hopefully we will catch the person and have our iPads returned! Fingers crossed.

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