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What a busy week we have had!

On Monday, we explored the artwork of Peter Randall-Page. He is best known for his stone sculpture work, inspired by patterns in nature. We practised sketching leaves, flowers and other natural objects outside.

On Tuesday, we practised sketching tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers. We looked really carefully at the detail inside the fruits and vegetables and tried to include this detail in our sketches. In the afternoon, we started working with clay. We explored different effects we could create by imprinting objects into the clay and practised using slip to attach pieces of clay together.

On Wednesday, we created our final pieces. We chose a fruit or vegetable to make a clay model of and worked carefully to add all the detail inside the fruit.

Today, we have been busy using oil pastels, collage materials, paint and biro pens!

We look forward to sharing all our wonderful learning.