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This week we have enjoyed talking about the season of autumn. It was great to see all of the children’s autumn finds. The poem we have learnt this week is called ‘Falling Leaves’. Can your child remember the words to it?

In maths, we have learnt about repeating patterns. We have practiced saying the pattern out loud to make sure we have continued it correctly. For example “red, blue, red, blue…” Can you spot any patterns at home or can you make some of your own? Which objects could you use to make patterns? Toy cars, fruit, coloured pencils?

During our phonics sessions, we have learnt our next sounds – i, n, m, d. Please practise the 8 sounds that the children have learnt. This is essential for them learning to read. You could also play an I spy game. Find objects starting with the sounds they know – dinosaur, pencil, apple etc. Then ask your child to find the object beginning with ‘s’ etc.

We have also been practising writing our names. Please support your child at home with this skill.