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Christmas is a special time in school but this year we have had to find an alternative way to share the Christmas Story. Children in Y4 have worked so hard in their class bubbles to create the full staged version, with music and dancing from other classes.

Unfortunately, the audio recording is not as good as we would have wanted so you may need to turn the volume up to hear some of the characters.

Thank you so much to Mrs Charters for co-ordinating this work and for the staff for supporting the children in their rehearsals. It really hasn’t been easy this year.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Parents are reminded that this video will be removed from You Tube and our website on 22nd January 2021. We have permission from parents to share this video with you but we respectfully ask that you enjoy it on our website only. Please do not save or distribute this video or the link in any other format. Thank you.