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Last week in Year 4 we completed a range of art and design tasks. We did some painting, made some kites and learnt some sewing skills!

We looked at the artwork of Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinsky to get some inspiration for our paintings. For our Jackson Pollock themed art, we experimented with a range of tools and techniques to apply our paint in different ways, e.g. splashing, splattering, rolling, printing. For our Kandinsky inspired art, we thought about how colours and shapes can be used to represent our thoughts, feelings and memories.

For our Mother’s Day crafts this year, we used paper to create some lovely spring flower cards. We also learnt how to blanket stitch and created some mini hanging heart cushions. We hope the adults at home enjoyed them!

We really enjoyed our first week back and we are looking forward to our learning this half term!