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This week, our topic has continued with a focus on how ambulances help our community. We have thought about the words ‘paramedic’ and ‘ambulance’ and we have taken part in challenges such as bandaging up a patient to help our fine motor skills!

In Art, we have focussed on the artist Kandinsky. We have had a go at creating a concentric circles piece of art in his style. We used crayons and thought carefully about our colour choices.

Our sounds in phonics this week are /ee/ as in feet and /igh/ as in light.

In maths, we have begun to explore the concept of a whole and its parts. We have done this practically using whole objects such as food. This will lead on to thinking about how we break a whole number into parts next week.

We have also been out to forest school. We continued to test our tree name knowledge and tried to find the perfect ‘bendy’ stick to make a fish!