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Today, 3L went on a Forest School trip to a woodland in Moreton, near Bovington. We had a brilliant time! The children enjoyed lots of different activities.

For part of the day, the children learned about how to care for the environment. They learned how long different materials take to decompose and how to best dispose of different items. The children loved litter picking and sorting the rubbish into categories!

The woodland is a habitat for many insects and creatures. The children learned about the life cycle of different species by creating different puzzles. Later in the day, we went on a minibeast hunt. We were amazed to find newts, lizards, a toad, beetles, and other fascinating creatures!

Before lunch, the children built their own shelters. The children did a great job and showed excellent teamwork. The children enjoyed eating their lunch in their shelters.

In the afternoon, the children explored the area around the lake and learned about different animals which live in woodland habitats.