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School News: Archive

Drama in Year 2

17th September 2021

In R.E. today, the children listened to the Christian story of ‘Jesus healing the paralysed man’ and discussed what…

Year 2 What Is A Plant?

10th September 2021

In year 2 today, the children looked at a variety of plants and thought about what was the same…

Sewing In Year 2

16th July 2021

All the children in Year 2 made a colourful alien puppet in their design technology lessons this week. They…

Australian Aboriginal Art In Year 2

8th July 2021

In Year 2 this week, the children looked at the art work of the indigenous Australians which in the…

Kenya Day In Year 2

2nd July 2021

Year 2 travelled to Kenya this week! They had their own boarding passes for the plane and completed a…

Times Tables Rock Stars In Year 2

18th June 2021

This week in Year 2, the classes competed against each other in an online tournament on Times Tables Rock…

Butterflies in Year 2

11th June 2021

This week, Year 2 released their butterflies into the school grounds. The children enjoyed watching them fly away to…

Caterpillars In Year 2

21st May 2021

This half term, Year 2 are learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. They are observing caterpillars as…

Year 2 Census Week

19th March 2021

Year 2 did lots of activities about the census this week. They learnt what a census is and how…

Photos for Year 1 Jigsaw

5th March 2020

Could Year 1 children please bring in a photo of themselves as a baby for our next Jigsaw lesson…

Snow White Pantomime

31st January 2020

Year 1 really enjoyed watching the pantomime this afternoon. It was all about the story of Snow White.

Which Material Would Make The Best Curtains?

21st January 2020

Year 1 looked at different materials in Science and decided which were opaque and which were transparent. They then…