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School News: Art

Year 4 Art

7th January 2022

In Year 4 this week, we began to explore Pointillism and the work of Seurat. We started today with…

Egyptian masks in Year 4

2nd December 2021

In Year 4 this week we have painted our Modroc coffin masks.

Art in Year 4

26th November 2021

In Year 4, we have been using Modroc to create Egyptian coffin masks. We are looking forward to decorating…

Year 3 Making Clay Pots

21st October 2021

This week in Year 3, we have been making clay pots. We focussed on joining and using tools to…

An Artist in Year 2!

6th October 2021

In Year 2, the children have been learning how to draw animals! The children were extremely lucky this week…

Australian Aboriginal Art In Year 2

8th July 2021

In Year 2 this week, the children looked at the art work of the indigenous Australians which in the…

Kenya Day In Year 2

2nd July 2021

Year 2 travelled to Kenya this week! They had their own boarding passes for the plane and completed a…

Amazing Art

31st March 2021

We have been looking at narrative art in Year 4. We have been using the Egyptian myth of Ra…

Our Seascape Paintings

26th March 2021

This half term we looked at two artists who created seascape pictures using different techniques. Joseph Turner created stormy…

Welcome Back Year 3!

15th March 2021

It has been fabulous to see the children’s smiling faces back at school! The Year 3 children have made…

Welcome Back Year 4!

15th March 2021

Last week in Year 4 we completed a range of art and design tasks. We did some painting, made…

Amazing Art Work

12th March 2021

This week Year 2 have enjoyed creating lots of different pieces of art work. We used different types of…