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School News: Design and Technology

Boats In Reception

13th May 2024

We have had great fun designing and making boats. We tested materials to find the ones that were waterproof…

DT in Year 1

15th March 2024

This week we made our stable structures. We chose either a car garage or an animal shelter. We tested…

Spreading Toppings In Reception

4th October 2023

As part of our design and technology learning, we have been learning how to spread toppings onto bread. We…

Fiver Challenge in Year 4

30th June 2023

Year 4 worked extremely hard to design and make bird feeders out of recycled materials. This was part of…

Pencil Cases In Year 3

26th May 2023

The children made pencil cases this half term in design technology. They really enjoyed designing them, putting them together…

Healthy Snack Bars In Year 3

9th December 2022

The children designed and made healthy snack bars in Design Technology this week. They really enjoyed the making stage…

Pizza Making in Year 4

8th December 2022

This week, Year 4 have designed and made their own pizzas.

Designing And Making In Reception

28th November 2022

Today, we designed and then made a salt dough decoration. We drew two designs and decided which was our…

Design Technology In Year 3

25th November 2022

The children designed the packaging for their snack bar today. They also decided what fruit they are going to…

Our week in Year 4

11th July 2022

We have had a busy week in Year 4. In DT, we have been exploring a box from The…

DT in Year 1

20th May 2022

We had a go at making some structures in Design and Technology. We thought about how we could use…

Year 4 Light boxes

29th April 2022

In DT, we have designed, created and evaluated our own light boxes. We had to think carefully about our…