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School News: Design and Technology

Spectacular Sewing in Year 3

22nd May 2021

In Design Technology, Year 3 children have been sewing! First of all, children carefully designed their own pencil case,…

Welcome Back Year 4!

15th March 2021

Last week in Year 4 we completed a range of art and design tasks. We did some painting, made…

Magnificent Moon Buggies

17th December 2020

This week in Year 2 we have been making moon buggies. We have been researching facts about Neil Armstrong…

Fantastic Flapjacks!

14th February 2020

This week, Year 3 received a design brief from Danny Thomas asking them to design and make a healthy…

4B’s Functional Final Products

13th February 2020

4B finished creating their night lights today! They really enjoyed using different materials to make their designs come to…

Making night lights

13th February 2020

Year 4 have been designing and making night light shades to put over their electrical circuits.

Beegu Shelters

7th February 2020

Today we made shelters for Beegu. We used art straws to make the main structure and secured them together…

Fabulous Home learning in Year 1

30th January 2020

We have been thinking about what shapes would be good for a shelter for Beegu. ┬áToday Beegu was pleased…

Year 1 exploring shelter shapes.

27th January 2020

Year 1 have been investigating different shapes for a shelter for Beegu. They suggested ways to make the structures…

Perfect Pizzas!

18th December 2019

In year 4, as part of our digestion science topic and cooking DT topic, we have been designing and…

Fruit Kebabs

24th October 2019

Today in Year 1 we made fruit kebabs as part of our DT learning. We had to design our…

Building a Bog Baby House

4th October 2019

This week in 1EH we have been building houses for the Bog Baby. We have thought carefully about what…