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School News: Science

Science in Year 4

17th June 2022

In year 4, we have been learning about classification in science. We used a classification key. Next week, we…

Year 2 trip to Liberty’s Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre

10th June 2022

Year 2 really enjoyed their trip on Wednesday to Liberty’s.  They saw lots of different reptiles up close including…

Science in Year 3

18th May 2022

    Year 3 have been learning about plants in science. We have studied what plants need to grow…

A Froglet In Year 2

6th May 2022

One of our tadpoles has turned into a froglet! The children were very excited to see this.

Butterflies In Year 2

8th April 2022

Two of our butterflies emerged from their chrysalises this week. Unfortunately, it was too cold to release them so…

Life Cycles In Year 2

1st April 2022

Our caterpillars have now become chrysalises. We are eagerly awaiting the next stage of their life cycle! Our tadpoles…

Science Week in Year 3

20th March 2022

Last week, it was Science Week at school. Each day, Year 3 enjoyed different science challenges. On Friday, we…

Science Week in Year One

18th March 2022

As part of our Science week learning, we had a go at the Curly Wurly experiment. We worked as…

Year 4 Curly Wurly Challenge

18th March 2022

In Year 4, we participated in the Curly Wurly challenge which involved stretching a Curly Wurly as far as…

Science Week In Year 2

18th March 2022

In Year 2 today, the children took part in the Curly Wurly challenge. They tried to stretch their Curly…

A Spectacular End To British Science Week

18th March 2022

This week, children across the school have been completing daily science activities as part of British Science week. Today…

Life Cycle Of A Frog In Year 2

18th March 2022

In Science this week, Year 2 have been learning about the life cycle of a frog. We made the…