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School News: Year 3

Stone Age Survival

11th November 2019

For our outdoor learning, Year 3 found out how to survive during the Stone Age.  They had to carefully…

Why are Archaeologists Important?

11th November 2019

To introduce our new topic, the children become archaeologists by carefully excavating artefacts.  We discussed the role of an…

Creating our Own Animation

11th October 2019

In computing, Year 3 are using Scratch to create an animation.  The children have been writing a script for…

Shadow Investigation

4th October 2019

How do shadows change when the distance between the light source and object changes? In Science, the children worked…

Creating Rangoli Patterns

26th September 2019

This half term, the children are learning about Hinduism with a focus on how Hindus celebrate Diwali. This afternoon,…

Light and Dark

20th September 2019

This week, Year 3 were introduced to their new topic ‘How Far Can You Throw Your Shadow?’  The children…