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School News

Reception Writers

25th January 2020

This week in RC Class we have been using our sounds to do some wonderful independent writing. As well…

Reception Forest School Fun

24th January 2020

Today in forest school the children explored the impact of ice on wildlife and how frost and low temperature…

The Seder plate

24th January 2020

Year 4 are learning about a Jewish special meal in RE today.

Halving And Doubling In RPS Class

23rd January 2020

This week we have read the story of Goldilocks. We have written letters to the bears and shopping lists…


23rd January 2020

In gymnastics, Year 3 are learning to travel across apparatus in different ways.  Our challenge this week was travel…

Ocarinas in Year 1

23rd January 2020

This half term, Year 1 have been learning to play an ocarina. We have been covering and uncovering different…

Help us make a difference through your everyday shopping!

23rd January 2020

Booking your summer holiday or a short getaway? All of the major travel retailers are on #easyfundraising; TUI, Booking.com,…

Vivid Vocabulary

23rd January 2020

During our English lessons, we have been trying to improve the vocabulary we use. We have been reading ‘the…

Science and Sound

23rd January 2020

In Year 4 Science lessons we have been learning about sound. The children have enjoyed making physical sound waves…

Fun in French!

23rd January 2020

We have been learning about the weather in French this half term! The children have learnt how to describe…

Reading in Year 4

23rd January 2020

We have been focussing on our reading in Year 4 this week. The children have been competing to see…

Sea City Museum Visit 2L

22nd January 2020

Today, Andy from the Southampton Sea City Museum came in to school to share his expertise about the Titanic.…