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School News: PE

Year 4 Gymnastics

15th October 2021

In Year 4, we have been creating sequences using tuck, pike, straddle, straight and star positions.  

Move It Week Results!

21st July 2021

Today the Sports Ambassadors awarded the winners their medal for Move It Week! Congratulations to the winners!  

Sports Day And Africa In Reception

16th July 2021

This week got of to an active start with our first ever sports day! The children enjoyed taking part…

Year 3 Sports Day

14th July 2021

Year 3 had a brilliant sports day! Children took part in a variety of fun activities including: running races,…

Year 2 Sports Day!

14th July 2021

Year 2 had a fantastic sports day.  They took part in a variety of fun activities where they were…

Move It Week 2021!

25th June 2021

This week the children have been super active and have had lots of fun.  The Dorset School Games team…

Schools’ Football Week

27th May 2021

On Wednesday, the children came into school wearing their football kits or PE kits.  The children had an opportunity…

Rainy Day Activity Packs

19th January 2021

Danny Thomas Coaching Academy have provided activity packs for KS1 and KS2.  These are ideal for downtime, especially on…

Virtual Sports Day!

23rd June 2020

As part of National School Sports Week we would like you to enter the Virtual Sports Day. Virtual Sports…

PE Activity Timetable Ideas!

14th May 2020

Did you know? The NHS recommends that children should complete 60 minutes of physical activity each day.  Why not…

PE At Home!

28th April 2020

Keeping active is so important even on a rainy day!  The Dorset School Games team have created a document…

Daily Mile!

31st January 2020

During today’s Daily Mile, the children enjoyed the incentive of receiving a cube for every lap around the enclosure. …