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We have just sent off our first set of crisp packets to be recycled by Terracycle. The children have been excellent at remembering to put their packets in to be recycled and we have also been sent a lot of packets from the public.

Unfortunately, it is taking a lot of time to sort the crisp packets out from the biscuit wrappers and the other random bits of rubbish that are being put in the bin. For this reason, and to make it easier for people to understand, we are going to stop recycling the biscuit wrapper and bread bags.

We will now accept crisp packets- any brand including multipack packs. It must be crisp packets and not any other packet that looks and feels like a crisp packet. Eg. no nut packets, rice packets, chocolate packets. CRISPS ONLY!!

We will still take in plastic lids, pens and Ella pouches.

If you still want to recycle your bread bags, they can be taken to large supermarkets and put into their plastic carrier bag recycling bin.

The Eco Committee