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Good morning!

It was a lovely start to the day at Avon Tyrrell. The breakfast was delicious, and all the children had plenty to eat. The children completed two further activities this morning with some climbing 8 crates high during the crate stack challenge. Abseiling has continued to be successful, and many children have no fear of leaning backward over the edge of the tower and bouncing down the wall. They are braver than I am.

The shelter building was great fun. Children worked in new teams and learned how to build a simple lean-to shelter and use leaves to make it waterproof. Some with more success than others. There were a few wet children!

I have enjoyed watching the children work as a team during problem-solving activities. There has been good communication and listening to their peers.

Staff at Avon Tyrrell have been highly complimentary about the way the children have been behaving and rightly so. The children are making me proud.

Mr. Watts