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Today, the children in Reception were thrilled to welcome some real-life community heroes to our school. Even the very wet weather couldn’t dampen their enthusiasm as the huge red engine pulled onto the school playground.

The session began with an up-close exploration of the fire engine’s equipment, allowing the children to examine the essential hoses and ladders. This immersive experience sparked a sense of wonder and ignited a fascination with the vital role firefighters play in keeping our communities safe.

The firefighters then led the children in a tailored “firefighter training” session. This engaging activity involved allowing the children to climb into the fire engine. Following this, the children were captivated by a live demonstration of the fire hoses in action, showcasing the immense power of the water used to extinguish flames.

Beyond the thrill of the fire engine, the children also benefited from the expertise of a dedicated fire education officer. This informative session focused on crucial fire safety topics. The officer addressed the essential steps to take if ever faced with being stuck in water, a vital piece of knowledge for young children. Smoke detectors were also highlighted, emphasizing their role in safeguarding families. Additionally, the officer discussed potential hazards commonly found within the home, such as kettles and hair straighteners, educating the children on maintaining a safe distance from these hot objects.

The children undoubtedly left this enriching experience brimming with excitement and a newfound appreciation for fire safety principles. We extend our sincere gratitude to the firefighters of the Redhill fire station and the fire education officer, Karen, for providing such a valuable and engaging learning opportunity for our children.