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School News: Archive

Snow White Pantomime

31st January 2020

Year 1 really enjoyed watching the pantomime this afternoon. It was all about the story of Snow White.

Which Material Would Make The Best Curtains?

21st January 2020

Year 1 looked at different materials in Science and decided which were opaque and which were transparent. They then…

Solids And Liquids In Year 1

10th January 2020

The children were identifying solids and liquids in Science today. They were also pouring liquids into different containers to…

Weather Report Films

13th December 2019

Here are two of the weather reports created in Year 1 today. IMG_0913 IMG_0914

Weather Reports in Year 1

13th December 2019

In Year 1 today the children were weather reporters reporting on the weather in the United Kingdom in Winter.…

Planting Bulbs in Year 1

6th December 2019

In Science today all the children helped to plant daffodil bulbs in the Year 1 outside area. They also…

Bar Charts in Year 1

29th November 2019

Children in Year 1 collected leaves from the school grounds and created a bar chart using the leaves to…

Creation Pictures in Year 1

18th October 2019

The children in Year 1 drew pictures of a part of the Christian creation story today in R.E. and…

Gymnastics in Year 1

13th September 2019

Year 1 thought of lots of different ways to travel around the hall in gymnastics today using different parts…

International Day in Year 1

12th July 2019

Year 1 went on a journey around the school this morning to learn about different countries. They learnt about…

The Naughty Bus In Year One

2nd July 2019

Children in Year One took a naughty bus on an adventure around school today in preparation for writing their…

The Start Of Arts Week in Year 1

1st April 2019

Children in Year 1 began Arts week by thinking about the 5 senses and using touch to identify unknown…