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School News: Year 1

Snow White Pantomime

31st January 2020

Year 1 really enjoyed watching the pantomime this afternoon. It was all about the story of Snow White.

Beegu stories in Year 1

30th January 2020

Today the children worked really hard. They have have written fantastic stories.  Some children had the chance to read…

Fabulous Home learning in Year 1

30th January 2020

We have been thinking about what shapes would be good for a shelter for Beegu.  Today Beegu was pleased…

Year 1 exploring shelter shapes.

27th January 2020

Year 1 have been investigating different shapes for a shelter for Beegu. They suggested ways to make the structures…

Ocarinas in Year 1

23rd January 2020

This half term, Year 1 have been learning to play an ocarina. We have been covering and uncovering different…

Which Material Would Make The Best Curtains?

21st January 2020

Year 1 looked at different materials in Science and decided which were opaque and which were transparent. They then…

Materials in Year 1

16th January 2020

Year 1 have been learning about different materials. The children have been using our Science words to describe these…

Beegu in Year 1

15th January 2020

Today Year 1 have been pretending to be Beegu.  They thought about what Beegu might be saying to the…

Solids And Liquids In Year 1

10th January 2020

The children were identifying solids and liquids in Science today. They were also pouring liquids into different containers to…

Beegu has crashed landed on planet Earth!

9th January 2020

In Year 1 we have started to read the Beegu story.  Beegu doesn’t speak our language. She uses alien…

Colour mixing in Year 1

19th December 2019

This week Year 1 have been mixing primary colours to create secondary colours. They used their mixed colours to…

Weather Report Films

13th December 2019

Here are two of the weather reports created in Year 1 today. IMG_0913 IMG_0914