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This week, we explored the wonderful world of Vincent van Gogh! We learned about his colourful paintings and how he used swirling brushstrokes to create beautiful art.

Hat-tastic Creations:
We all became little artists and painted our own hats, just like van Gogh! We used bright colours and thick strokes to make them extra special. Each class took one of his painting as the theme for their hats.

Starry Nights:
We recreated Van Gogh’s famous “Starry Night” picture. We used glue to make swirls just like in his painting. We then added colourful chalk swirls to make our night sky even more amazing!

Sunflower Power:
We got our hands dirty making clay pots sunflowers! We squished, rolled, and shaped the clay to create the perfect pots.

It was a week filled with fun, colour, and creativity.