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School News: Archive

Reading in Year 1

29th September 2023

We really enjoy partner reading in phonics. We use our sounds to sound out the sentence and then have…

Whole Class Reading in Year 1

22nd September 2023

Year 1 have been thoroughly enjoying their whole class reading during which they get to listen to and explore…

Observational Drawing in Year 1

15th September 2023

Year 1 have continued to enjoy exploring spirals in their Art classes.  We have been doing some observational and…

A Brilliant Start to Year 1

8th September 2023

Well done to all the children, they have made a brilliant start to Year 1! This week we have…

Aboriginal Art in Year 2

30th June 2023

This week the children practised using dots to create patterns in the style of Aboriginal art.

Science in Year 2

22nd June 2023

This term in Science we have been learning all about habitats. This week we learnt that a microhabitat is…

Science in Year 2

12th May 2023

This half term we have been learning about living things and their habitats. This week we went to the…

Coronation Celebrations in Year 2

9th May 2023

The children really enjoyed celebrating the King’s coronation. They wrote a postcard, made a crown and ate scones.

Science in Year 2

21st April 2023

Last half term, our science topic was animal growth. As part of this learning we learnt about the life…

World Poetry Day in Year 2

25th March 2023

Year 2 really enjoyed learning poems for World Poetry day on Tuesday. We hope you enjoy listening to them.…

World Book Day in Year 2

4th March 2023

We had so much fun dressing up as our favourite book characters. This year, we based our book day…

Year 2 Visit The Heath

24th February 2023

Year 2 visited the heath as part of our arts week theme ‘The Lost Words’. The ranger taught us…