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School News: Geography

Geography In Year 2

22nd October 2021

In Year 2 this week, the children learnt about compass points and then used compass points to follow a…

Australian Aboriginal Art In Year 2

8th July 2021

In Year 2 this week, the children looked at the art work of the indigenous Australians which in the…

Kenya Day In Year 2

2nd July 2021

Year 2 travelled to Kenya this week! They had their own boarding passes for the plane and completed a…

Year 3 Earth Day

28th April 2021

Year 3 has made an excellent start to the summer term. Children have welcomed Miss Weguelin and been very…

Earth Day In Reception

23rd April 2021

On Thursday this week, we celebrated Earth Day 2021 with a walk around our school grounds to admire the…

Earth Day in Year 2

23rd April 2021

This week we have been learning about climate change and what we can do to help the Earth. Year…

Year 4 Earth Day

23rd April 2021

For Earth Day in Year 4, we had an environmental debate. We pretended to be from different countries around…

Home Learning

13th March 2020

We had a response to one of the Year 4 home challenges today. Thank you for working hard at…

River Journeys

12th March 2020

In Year 4 Geography, we have been learning about the journey of a river. The children have drawn their…

Weather Report Films

13th December 2019

Here are two of the weather reports created in Year 1 today. IMG_0913 IMG_0914

Weather Reports in Year 1

13th December 2019

In Year 1 today the children were weather reporters reporting on the weather in the United Kingdom in Winter.…

Outdoor Classroom Day!

7th November 2019

Today is Outdoor Classroom day. For geography, we have been following a map of the school grounds and today…